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There’s a considerable list of hip hop related news and tracks that I’m excited about today, so rather than giving each the post it probably deserves or I would give it on a slow day, I’m just going to summarize:

Jay-Z has already mentioned that he’s ready to get back in the studio, and it might be even more interesting given the fact that Timbaland claims that he will be producing the whole next effort. Obviously, Jay can get pretty much anyone to produce for him, but Timbaland claims that they want this album to have “10” “Big Pimpin'”s (their previous collaboration). We’ll see. Timbaland was pretty hot two years ago, but his style has sort of stagnated since then. I’m dubious, especially considering Jay’s record of following good albums with disappointing ones. I mean, I thought American Gangster was pretty good.

Flava Flav’s got a kid! Does this mean that there won’t be a Flavor of Love 3? What will I watch at the gym now? I’m probably going to gain weight because of this.

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