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Another song from N*E*R*D‘s quickly upcoming third album, Seeing Sounds, just leaked. “Yeah You” is classic N*E*R*D: Is it funky? Check. Very danceable? Check. Subtly crazy drums, Pharrell singing falsetto on the hook, and overall giddy, weird pop excellence? Check, check, and check.

I find this song especially refreshing because “Everybody Nose,” the first single from the album, is pretty weak. “Everybody Nose” sounds like N*E*R*D* is trying to be an experimental version of Timbaland. “Yeah You” is much safer, but in this case that’s a good thing, with N*E*R*D in their element.

N*E*R*D* — “Yeah You” (off upcoming Seeing Sounds LP, out Tuesday).

Girl Talk‘s new album Feed the Animals will be coming out sometime in the next few weeks. It will have an online only, choose-your-own-price release in the vein of Radiohead. It sounds like it will be a lot like Night Ripper, with over 300 samples in the 55-minute album. I’m looking forward to it.

Two new songs from Nas‘s upcoming “unnamed” album leaked recently, “Hero” and “Black President.” “Hero” has some pretty incredibly rapping, up there with Nas’s better work. I’m not sold on the production yet though, and it doesn’t really feel enough like a song. Maybe that’s just because I just listened to “A Day in the Life” (see below).

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