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Did this song come out in the US? Because this song was number one on the South African charts a while back, and I’ve heard that it didn’t even come out in the US, let alone chart.

In any case, it’s pretty money. And it was inescapable in South Africa for like two and a half months.

Also, I imagine everyone else has heard “Good Good” by Ashanti, because it apparently came out forever ago. I heard it for the first time on the in-plane radio station on my flight back to the US last night. Apparently this track peaked at 30 in the Billboard Hot R&B/Rap charts, and didn’t chart on the Hot 100. If that isn’t proof that the music business is completely unfair and makes no sense, I don’t know what is. Because this track is really fucking catchy. Plus the music video (after the jump) is good.

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