How could you be so heartless? You won’t even rap?

Kanye just dropped the unmastered version of “Heartless” on his blog. It has pictures of naked women, too, if that’s your thing.

I’ll come out and say it, I’m a pretty big fan of the hook on this. This is a way catchier song than “Love Lockdown,” and it probably deserves to chart. I wish Kanye would rap, though. It would also be nice if the drums hit a little bit harder. This song kind of just flounders in terms of excitement. I’m really not feeling this whole R&B kick, and I love R&B. I could see a song like this fitting into an album really well, though, so I won’t despair yet. But, uh, it looks like we’re looking at an album of this, so I’d start getting your heartbreak jokes ready.

I say it looks like we’re looking at a full album of it because of this FADER listening party review that compares it to Thom Yorke solo work. Which is actually something I like. Who the fuck knows. Although it looks like this is basically a one-off breakup record that was made with the philosophy that “Auto-Tune is fun.” I guess I can’t really argue with that, even though it doesn’t necessarily say much about the music. Also, the listening party is the context for all the naked women linked to above, if you’re wondering.

P.S. The album’s only guests are Jeezy and Wayne. None of that Talib or Mos Def bullshit this time around.

Kanye West – “Heartless Main Pass”

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