I’m studying for a big midterm and I’m lazy, but I wanted to give props to some of the stuff I’ve been checking out lately:

What I’m Spinning:
J Dilla – “Two Can Win”: There’s always some Dilla beat not too far away, all it takes is something to prompt me to get it stuck in my head. Skyzoo just released a song over this beat, and of course I went back and buried myself in Donuts because that’s my instinct when I hear Dilla’s name mentioned.

Spiritualized – “Soul on Fire”: This is my favorite song in a really long time. I don’t listen to many anthemic guitar songs these days, but I still think it’s basically the best kind of music. This song pulls all the right strings. It’s so sincere, sad, and sing-a-longable.

Murs & 9th Wonder – Sweet Lord: I still haven’t listened to the new Murs album, but I like this one a lot. It’s not particularly dense or groundbreaking, but it’s a lot of fun. I’m not a huge 9th Wonder fan, but I’ve pretty consistently had at least one of these beats stuck in my head for the last month. “Nina Ross” is a great song, too.

Crystal Antlers – EP: I’ve been increasingly drawn to noisy post-punk or psych-rock or whatever genre music this is lately, although I still think Nouns is the most overrated album in a minute. This, on the other hand, is what I’m talking about. When I just want a fuck ton of noise in my headphones and some cool-sounding songs, this is what I put on.

What I’m Reading:

Collected Stories by Saul Bellow: Saul Bellow’s prose is dense, engaging, and ecstatic. His characters are so vibrant, and his descriptions are hilariously candid. I’m such a huge fan of these stories.

What I’m Watching:

Not much, actually, but I do like this ad from MoveOn:

Mostly I’m just glad that my favorite Gossip Girl stars have endorsed Obama (I guess that’s what this means).