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This isn’t on YouTube yet, so sorry no embed. As thousands upon thousands of blog years pass by, I often find myself wondering if the Cool Kids have any staying power beyond a few singles (this is a completely different discussion from the hipster hop hyper-nostalgia dilemma discussed in my last post). Can Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks continue to make tasty jams, but in album-length continuity? Kidz In The Hall, another hip-hop duo that is without a doubt part of the same genre/trend as the Cool Kids, have an epic banger of a single : “Drivin’ Down The Block”. In spite of this, their most recent album The In Crowd is pretty weak. These artists are obviously club-oriented, so it is conceivably more difficult for them to make a fluid, organic album that consists of other things besides single material.   

“Delivery Man” is a little less catchy than songs like “Black Mags” or “’88”, but still pretty good; it grew on me after a few listens. It is what I hope the non-singles on When Fish Ride Bicycles will sound like. The Cool Kids are not incredible lyricists and their songs are very reliant on awesome hooks (which they have most of the time). This is what happens when they do not stick to their strengths. These two factors might make things a little difficult and so it remains to be seen what this album will actually sound like. I suppose we’ll find out at “the end of 2008”, which when the album is slated for release according to Wikipedia.

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