Is there anyone else who thinks the series of T-shirts that Stereogum’s been putting out this week are colossally stupid?

I’m really waiting for the moment when I meet somebody wearing an Obama/Oberst ’08 shirt so I can punch them. Seriously, you decided that not only was your love for Bright Eyes equivalent to your love for a presidential candidate, but also that you’d rather give $20 to the ASPCA for a shirt with Obama’s name on it than to the Obama campaign itself? Maybe you already maxed out your donations, Conor Oberst-loving hipster dude, but I’m guessing that more likely you spent that $2300 on lattes and stationary for writing crappy poems. Way to be the change you wish to see in the world.

The Stuffed Animal Collective one was kind of funny, but you are a pretentious douche if you wear that.

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