It’s been a while since I’ve written on here; in fact, it’s been a while since anyone’s written on here. But that’s about to change. I’m solidly installed in Beijing now, and I’m itching to write about music. There’s only a few problems: #1: torrents don’t work here, and I have yet to find a record store, so I’m pretty much dependent on blogs for new music right now; #2: I haven’t listened to anything remotely relevant in a while because I’ve been traveling; #3: Apparently a lot of WordPress, like tags, doesn’t work when you’re working through a proxy. Balls. Nonetheless, I’m back with all my fascinating commentary, and here’s what I have to say on the few pieces of music that have drifted into my sphere lately:

Everybody Awesome – “Swagger”: How the fuck did Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, and Kanye all get out-rapped by T.I.? I mean, I love T.I. more than anyone I know, and even I will acknowledge he’s probably the worst MC in that group. Yet while Jay-Z spits about half a bar and Lil’ Wayne and Kanye auto-tune the fuck out of crappy verses, T.I. comes out spitting fire. I think this is probably just proof that T.I.’s really been working hard lately because he’s about to go to prison. As if I needed anything to further convince me that Paper Trail is going to rule. On the same note, though:

T.I. – “Whatever You Like”: I listened to this song and “Throw Some D’s” a lot while I was traveling, and, although this is a pretty catchy song, I hope someone else realized how misogynistic the line “brain so good, you think she went to college” is. First, it’s about oral sex, which, while ostensibly degrading, is hardly a bizarre topic, but it also describes said oral sex by pointing out the girl’s lack of education. What happened to the T.I. of “Why You Wanna” who “compliment[s] you on your intellect and treat[s] you with respect?” Also, I’m pretty sure T.I. refers to his penis as Big Boy in this song.

Of Montreal – “Nonpareil of Favor”: I’m hardly enthusiastic about Of Montreal compared to Greg, but this song is fucking great.

That’s all for now.