(Higher quality video)

Pertinent Observations:

-Does Wayne even rap anymore? Sure this hook is pretty good after you listen to it a few times, but T-Pain probably could have done a better job.

-Haha at the Young Buck cameo (1:31).

-So many names dropped…yet The Game still can’t write a decent verse. The secret to making pop culture references in rap is cleverness and moderate obscurity. Without either of these, you get the garbage that he is spitting in this song. “I ain’t no preacher, but here’s my Erick Sermon”? Give me a break.

-Don’t get me started on “And why every hood nigga feed off evil?/Answer my question before this bullet leave this Desert Eagle”. That sounds like something I would write, if I rapped. Do you see why I don’t rap? I hope so.

-Dr. Dre’s headphone brand: I didn’t realize it was ok to use product placement in a “meaningful” song.

-“With the top back/In my Sox hat”. Why did he put on a Boston hat then? I don’t get it.

LAX looks like it’s going to be another mediocre album kept afloat by Dr. Dre’s beats. I wouldn’t expect anything else from The Game at this point anyway. I hope he retires soon.

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