Louis La Roché is a 17 year old (!!!) from somewhere in the UK who circulated one of his tracks on the internet claiming that it was new material by Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk). Once people found out it wasn’t him, they got a little mad. The point, however, is that they believed him: his songs are just that good.

This kid has taken all the best elements of classic french house from ten years ago (disco samples, overproduction, lots of snares) and combined them to make tracks that bang three times harder. I play his entire EP every time I go to a dance party.

For some reason though, it’s really a love-hate thing with La Roché. Whenever I find anything written about him online, the comments are evenly divided between people who think his stuff is a poor imitation of “real” french house and individuals who worship him. Personally, I don’t feel that there is room for that much pretension in dance music, so why not relax and enjoy the sweet tunes? His EP The Peach is free, for pete’s sake.

He’s working on a debut album entitled I Delete Myself. You can hear the first song (not the single) on his myspace. Let’s hope that dude keeps up the good work for the sake of dance floors everywhere.

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