…but you can’t listen to it yet. The final product is sitting on my desktop as a zip file, ready to be zShared with the world, but I have to pay for internet by the megabyte in my dorm room. As soon as I can get to a place with free WiFi (they’re around, but I’m sick right now), I’ll upload it.

There are lots of reasons why you should download this mixtape even if you already have all of my mash-ups (besides the fact that I busted my ass making it). First of all, it includes a never-before released mash-up. I included the first mash-up I ever made, “Mighty Kid A (Ghostface vs. Radiohead)” on the mixtape.  It’s a mash-up of “Kid A” by Radiohead and “Mighty Healthy” by Ghostface.

Second of all, I reworked my “House of No Jumper Cables (Aesop Rock vs. Radiohead)” mash-up for the mixtape. I was sick of the old version because it’s repetitive. I used more samples in the new one.

Also, it’s one continuous track, Girl Talk-style, although I separated it into separate songs just for convenience, also Girl Talk-style. Although in my attempt to make the tempos match up, I ended up distorting the tracks, some more than others. I actually kind of like how the distortions sound most of the time, but it definitely sounds different from the originals.

So come back soon to download the mixtape.

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