I forgot to tell you guys that I was leaving. On Saturday I left with my family to go to Kruger National Park. Needless to say, it was amazing. The highlight was being 50 feet away from a mother rhino with its baby–when we were on foot. I’ll put up the links to pictures later if you’re interested.

Anyway, Q-Tip just said that A Tribe Called Quest will never make another album. While statements like this can never be taken 100% seriously, I’m glad they don’t plan on making another album. As much as I love ACTQ, like Q-Tip said, so many bands make shitty or mediocre reunion albums that shouldn’t exist.

ATCQ in particular has a sound that is strongly characteristic of the era in which their music was made. It would be almost impossible for them to make a relevant album in 2008, let alone a really good one that could stand next to the rest of their discography.

I mean, this guy is one of the only musicians I can think of who successfully came out with great albums in completely different eras that were not only relevant but pioneering. And even he made some bad albums at the end of his career.

Speaking of Miles Davis: I read his autobiography over the last couple of weeks. If you’re at all interested in jazz, do yourself a favor and read it. It’s written in a very conversational style (which is great for people like me who generally can’t stand novels), and Miles comes off as a very sincere, likable, generally down-to-earth and ordinary person. And anyone can learn a lot about how to be successful from his story. Overall, there are a lot of things to admire about Miles as a person, although he’s fairly open about his flaws as well (hitting women, being a bad father).

In other news, Kyle only has dial-up on a public computer until the end of August, so he’ll probably be sitting out for a while. Updates will probably be a little intermitent, what with me being in South Africa and all. Where you guys will go for opinions as good as ours on the days I don’t update, I have no idea. Rest assured I’ll do my best. Oh, and read Kanye West’s blog every day (especially if you’re into girls). I know I do.

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