Every other music website in the world has the most boring news ever today (trust me, I went to all of them), and HipHopDX manages to pull up four really interesting stories, mostly about Nas.

Nas, in conjunction with ColorofChange.org and MoveOn.org, submitted a petition to Fox News today to stop “patterns of racist attacks against black Americans.” The quotes from the article seem pretty incriminating (sure, they’re out of context, but I can’t really think of a context where saying the phrase “lynching party” in relation to a black woman would be appropriate). The other reason I can get behind this is that I can’t stand Fox News, particularly Bill O’Reilly. I still can’t understand why that guy still has a job.

Also, could we soon see a Nas album (or even two) other than Illmatic with good production? It sounds like an oxymoron, but who knows?

Just after I said yesterday that the next Madvillain album will come out after Detox, I found out that my offhand comment was probably actually right. Granted, I’m taking this news with a massive grain of salt.

Also, I really, really hope this happens.

This is a couple days old, but why the hell is “Mrs. Officer” going to be the next Carter III single instead of “Comfortable?” (Fair warning: Ye’s drums sound terrible on YouTube. But speaking of Ye: this.) That shit better be the 5th single. And will “Mr. Carter” ever be released as a single? Because Hot 97 was playing it like it was a single for a long time. What a great radio station (although they have DJs who clearly should be fired).

Basically, what I’m saying here is, what’s the deal with this rap stuff?