…if this weren’t such a dumb review. Seriously? Illmatic “very nearly lived up to the hype?” What world is this guy living in? Illmatic had virtually no hype and took a while to build up to any kind of commercial reception. Nonetheless, it is widely acknowledged as, at the very least, one of the top hip hop albums ever, and I would contend that it is the best hip hop album ever. Also, that Nas used the album title to try “to renew interest in his career?” Yeah, because Nas is a pretty marginal figure in hip hop these days. I guess when you release something provocative it puts the white folks on edge [full disclosure: I’m white].

Fortunately, he gets eviscerated in the comments section, which brings a smile to my face. I like this one a lot: “You working for fif huh?” He must be.

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