There’s a considerable list of hip hop related news and tracks that I’m excited about today, so rather than giving each the post it probably deserves or I would give it on a slow day, I’m just going to summarize:

Jay-Z has already mentioned that he’s ready to get back in the studio, and it might be even more interesting given the fact that Timbaland claims that he will be producing the whole next effort. Obviously, Jay can get pretty much anyone to produce for him, but Timbaland claims that they want this album to have “10” “Big Pimpin'”s (their previous collaboration). We’ll see. Timbaland was pretty hot two years ago, but his style has sort of stagnated since then. I’m dubious, especially considering Jay’s record of following good albums with disappointing ones. I mean, I thought American Gangster was pretty good.

Flava Flav’s got a kid! Does this mean that there won’t be a Flavor of Love 3? What will I watch at the gym now? I’m probably going to gain weight because of this.

I’m back with a Just track. Actually a video of him in a DJ battle with DJ Delinger. I actually think he kind of got beaten in this battle, but both DJs are damn good.

Is Kanye using a ghost blogger? This is an interesting read from Marcus Troy, and it definitely poses some obvious questions about Kanye’s ability to post so many sweet architectural plans and make really good music. I think it’s pretty clear that Kanye writes his own personal rant posts (ex. “Anger Enhancement”), and I would guess that he has a pretty big army of people sending him sweet design links to promote their products, so it’s not like he has to spend 8 hours a day on the Internet looking for expensive shit to link to. At the same time, there is probably somebody who at least screens these links even if Kanye does the actual posting. So yeah, Marcus is probably partly right, but does it matter? Kanye manages to put out a pretty interesting blog, and I’m sure nothing would get posted on it that he doesn’t like because he’s too neurotic for that. I’ll still read it. But having a ghost blogger probably is a pretty good strategy for a rapper trying to promote him or herself. I’m unemployed at the moment, by the way. You know, if you’re some label exec reading this

I always like Freeway (see above reference), and Polow da Don’s beat is pretty damn good, so I’d grab this Hero Freestyle from Free if I were you.

Mickey Factz released The Leak #30. It’s two tracks, “We Ain’t” featuring Tanya Morgan and “Keys of Life” featuring Robin Thicke. They’re both pretty good. I might review them at some point, but I’ll let Mickey’s facts (lolz) sum them up for now. On “We Ain’t”:

“Still moving forward, never trapped in the present”

For week #30, I wanted to do the 2 for 1 sale. So I jumped in the studio with Tanya Morgan and made some shit! Some real Hip Hop shit. Gotta respect it.

On “Keys of Life”:

“I had dreams of being a black president”

The black and white keys on the piano inspired Paul McCaurtney and Stevie Wonder to write about racial equality. I’m doing the same thing but in the eyes of 2 young kids struggling with racism. Deep…

Also, probably the news that has me the most excited, is that J Dilla’s brother, Illa J (seriously, though?), is planning on releasing an album with a bunch of unreleased Dilla beats from around the mid-nineties. I can’t help but be excited about new tracks from the greatest. I just hope this doesn’t turn into one of those Tupac situations.

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