Talk about being late. Mickey Avalon came out with his (so far) only album in 2005, and the other day I started listening to him on a whim. By pretty much any objective criterion, he’s terrible. But just try to watch this video only once (if you’ve never seen it before). I’ve had this shit stuck in my head for like a week.

I imagine if you listened to Mickey Avalon back in 2005, you have been sick of him for a very long time now. But whatever, it’s a slow music news day, my back is killing me, and it’s my birthday, so I’ll post what I want.

Mickey Avalon — Mr. Right (I’d recommend you watch the official video that I linked to below.)


Apparently whoever made that video wants attention. You can watch the actual music video here, but for some reason I can’t embed that video.

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PS: it’s not my birthday. My back really is killing me though.

Mickey Avalon — My Dick (I can’t decide if this song is more funny or awful. For now I’m going with funny.)


Mickey Avalon — Jane Fonda (live)


Alright, the codeine is kicking in. My back is not killing me anymore. I’m going to bed.

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