As Kevin Barnes mentioned in the past, he wrote Skeletal Lamping as one long composition, with each track as a different “movement.” He says in this blog post that each track could also be considered as an individual pop song. That sounds a lot like last year’s Hissing Fauna, in which every song transitioned into the next seamlessly. Also, no word on the character Georgie Fruit, a twice transgendered black man in his 40s, Barnes supposedly invented for the album.

I can’t tell if it’s going to be great or terrible. Any time a pop artist starts talking about how he’s “bored with art that makes sense,” you have to wonder if he’s gone off the deep end. I’m especially wary when Kevin Barnes, of all people, says that “in most contemporary songs, you can basically finish the artist’s sentences,musically and lyrically. i wanted to make an album where that was not possible.” I mean, that’s exactly why of Montreal is popular now. But I trust Kevin Barnes, experienced and skilled songwriter that he is, to put out a really good album.

Skeletal Lamping will be released in October.

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